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Stanford University 史丹福大學是一所在1891年成立的全美著名私立大學,Quater制,校地共有8180英畝,這個學校不用再多介紹了唄!是上港有名的美國Top大學兼博士製造機

該校和加州柏克萊大學是長年的死對頭(笑~維基百科有略提到)全校最有名的建築物叫做「胡佛塔」,校內有一博物館稱為Cantor Center for Visual Arts museum。史丹福的醫學院可能是該校最有名的,美術系呢!就很少人知道啦! 設計系則在這幾年努力行銷上雜誌,所以變得有名起來了。知名校友部份,賴聲川曾到戲劇系擔任客座教授過。此外另一位知名校友就是作家王文華。電子業巨人張忠謀也是該校校友。

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設計課程 Institute of Design at Stanford : 網站 http://www.stanford.edu/group/dschool/ 該研究所經常簡稱為「d.school」其主修鼓勵學生選擇自己有興趣的主題,領域則粗分為視覺設計和工業設計兩大類。目前學位MFA/MS Design的授予(Degree Program)還是仰賴人文藝術研究所或機構工程系所的Joint Program。

該系所的課程設計是偏向方法的運用與未來趨勢發展,也廣為開放給一般大眾,商業公司或是其他主修的學生。對於學位的態度是比較開放的,D-School的介紹頁上寫著「Sure, we’re called the d.school. But we’re not actually one of Stanford’s seven schools, and we don’t grant degrees. Instead, our students are all enrolled in other degree-granting programs on campus—everything from computer science PhDs to education master’s students to MD programs. Absolutely every graduate student enrolled at Stanford is welcome to apply to d.school classes.」

人文藝術研究所School of Humanities & Sciences – Department of Art & Art History 網站http://art.stanford.edu/
– MFA Art Practice
– MFA/MS Design
– MFA Documentary Film (特別) 可能是全美唯一有紀錄片主修的MFA喲!不過我很難想像台灣念紀錄片的同學能申請到這一家,因為除了要GRE之外,還至少要TOEFL 650分以上…太硬了太硬了!
– PhD Art History,該校的藝術史相當權威,僅有PhD的主修,酷唄!

設計系Stanford Design Program :網站 http://design.stanford.edu/PD/graduate.html史丹福因為D-School的宣傳有方,造成不少人以為他有學位授予,所以也有很多人感到困惑。基本上D-School因為上課的地方在機構工程系所的大樓,他可說是比較偏向科技與趨勢的。真正有學位授予的課程是在這個設計系裡面。此外因為IDEO David Kelly和Tim Brown的影響,本課程著重研究方法和Design Thinking居多。


這是阿福站長2011年八月更新資料後,寫信問系上網頁一位中國學生Kai Ding,他在百忙之中回覆我的~他今年畢業,已經在Yahoo找到User Experience的工作了喔!非常謝謝他的分享!

1. Have you meet any obstacle while apply Stanford Design program? Can you share your process, schedule and tips to next applicants?

I applied this program in my Senior year. This program has a requirement that the applicant should have at least one year experience outside of school. So I got a deferred admission from them. I worked one year in China and then came to this program. For the schedule, I finished my GRE and TOEFL test in September and started prepare my portfolio, ps and other documents in October. I send out all the documents one week before the deadline. I didn’t get a good score in the English tests. I think portfolio is the most important part in the application.

2. Could you brief what is your focus in Stanford Design program? Is there anything special that you like or dislike?

Stanford Design program is not a very typical Industrial Program. They don’t teach too much skills. The focus is the design thinking. We have a lot of instructors from IDEO and learned a lot about the process and methods from them. Recently the program start putting in more business part and trying to help students develop their design leadership. We believe a good design should have three parts, human factor, technology and business. The second year, we need to do our thesis project. Before, we will do individually. But from my year, we do the team project. 2 design students team up and figure out what want to do and basic direction. Then we could bring students from the other departments if we need. For example, my thesis project, I worked with a design student, a MBA and a JD.

I like this program very much. It helps me to understand more about the design thinking and also keep my vision broad, not just narrow me in the design world. Also Stanford is good at nearly every areas, I learned a lot from working with students in the other departments. And one more important thing is that Stanford has a very good entrepreneur culture.

3. How’s the classroom, environment or program office? Is it easy to find possibilities or select other interesting course?

We have our own design loft. Everyone has a cube and also plenty of common areas for show and work. We can choose classes from the entire school based on our own interest.

4. How’s the campus security? (or dorm security?)

Pretty good unless you are so careless

5. Roughly speaking, how much of ‘Annual cost’ while studying Design program in Stanford? Did you need to pay lots of extra for demo ideas?

It really depends. The tuition is 25000 per year. But we could do TA during the second year and if you want, maybe you could also do in your first year. We need to pay for demo in the classes. But you could find a cheaper way to do that. We have some funding for the thesis project.

6. Is there many resource for design program? Are they all in good condition? Do student really use or need them in course?

We have a small library with some design books. But Stanford has a lot of libraries where we could find nearly everything we need. Also we have some materials left by the former students.

7. Is it easy to learn more design or art off campus? Will design program faculty encourage you to join?

I don’t know what this mean. If you are not a student and want to audit the class, I think most teachers won’t mind.

8. How’s the comment of design program faculty? Did you really meet David Kelly in classroom or Tim Brown? How people think and learn about the promoting design thinking method?

The faculty are good. Most of them are very experienced designer and entrepreneur. David Kelly is our Academic director. I met him a lot and also he is one of the advisers of our thesis project. I didn’t met Tim Brown. The core of the design thinking method here is the user. No matter where we are and what we are doing in the design process, we should always consider the users.

9. Is it easy to find a good job after graduating? What kind of jobs do D-program alumni take? Do Stanford career center help a lot?

It depends. A lot of graduates start their own companies. Some of them doing consulting or design work. The Stanford career center will help a little bit. You need to build and reach out your network to get a better job.


地址和電話:Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305 650 723-2300
學制:Quarter system
學位提供: MA; MFA; M.A.Teach. (Master of Arts in Teaching)
申請費:$105 (這是MFAstudy列出學校中,最貴的一家! 等等…我要在地上找一下眼鏡碎片…喔!我錯了…CUNY的要$125…貴的不像話啊!)

2012 的申請截止日
Art History:  9:00 p.m./PST on December 6, 2011
Art Practice and Design:  9:00 p.m./PST on January 10, 2012
Documentary Film & Video:  9:00 p.m./PST on January 10, 2012

國際學生申請的注意事項 大部份都是I-20和TOEFL,GRE

1. GRE scores (硬啊硬)
2. Two Original Transcripts 兩份成績單
3. Statement of purpose 讀書計劃
4. Completed application form 寫好的申請表(這不是廢話嗎)
5. Three letters of recommendation 三封推薦信
6. Application fee 申請費

系方則需要作品集,在這一頁有詳細的說明,針對設計科系,特別要求"Sketchbook" materials may be included when they give evidence of thought processes. 比較好的是Stanford並不要求藝術研究所的學生一定要有BFA,非本科系的同學,GRE,TOEFL都很強的,可不妨放膽一試


2013-2014的年學費,以Quarter制(秋天,冬天和春天)來算,一般D-School的同學都選擇8-10學分一個Quarter,三個Quarter加起來的年學費約$26820  學費網頁


2010-2011的年學費,以Quarter制(秋天,冬天和春天)來算,一般D-School的同學都選擇8-10學分一個Quarter,三個Quarter加起來的年學費約$25000  學費網頁


  • 史丹福台灣同學會網頁,有新生手冊PDF檔可下載!運作接近十年,很穩定,也很有制度喔!真不錯!
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  • 2010年8月,史丹福D-School的老師有來台大上課(還上新聞~針對主管),目前看來台大似乎有意要繼續和D-School互相合作(雙重名校光環)所以也有一個部落格~(但是看起來並沒有在好好經營啊!)
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  • Timk的部落格上面有校園環境的介紹,照片很美喔!